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Foreign tutors for children is not always the best option

It is a common belief that native speakers are better at teaching a foreign language to children than non-native teachers with extensive experience. However, educational research suggests that this is not necessarily true. It is understandable that this belief exists, as we all learned our mother tongue from a native speaker – usually our mother.

However, when it comes to very young children who do not speak a word of a foreign language, it may be more beneficial for them to have a tutor who speaks both languages. Studies have shown that a tutor who is able to explain the material in a language that the child understands can significantly reduce their stress and improve their results. This is especially important for children who may feel lost and frustrated in a class where they do not understand what is going on.

It is important for language schools to have tests in place to determine which teacher is the best fit for a child. This will help ensure that they are able to make the most progress possible and enjoy learning a new language.