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Intensive Conversation: The Most Effective Model of Foreign Language Learning

If someone challenged you right now to start learning a new language, how would you begin? Perhaps you would choose a textbook, print out dictionaries, or sign up for an online course. But what if I told you that the most effective way to learn a foreign language is not any of these traditional approaches? Instead, it’s something you can do anytime, anywhere, and absolutely for free: intensive conversation.

One of the reasons why conversation is such an effective tool is the density of information it provides. When you engage in a conversation, you are likely to encounter many different words and phrases that you might not find in a textbook. And that’s just the beginning.

Taking into account statistics, a 2020 study conducted by the University of Cambridge showed that students who participated in intensive conversational training achieved 50% better results in text comprehension and pronunciation tests than those who learned using traditional methods. But how is this possible?

Why would conversation have such a significant impact on language learning success?

The answer lies in how our brains process information. When we engage in a conversation, our brain is forced to process language information in real time. This enhances our ability to quickly and effectively process new information, leading to a better understanding and memory of new words and phrases.

In addition, conversation also provides us with natural and authentic contexts in which words and phrases are used. This allows us to better understand and remember how these words and phrases are used in the real world.

Finally, conversation also provides instant feedback. When we make mistakes – and in the process of learning a foreign language we will definitely make them – our conversation partners can immediately tell us what we said wrong and how to correct it. This immediate feedback is extremely valuable and something that traditional learning methods often fail to provide.

Do you still have doubts about the effectiveness of intensive conversation as a method of learning a foreign language? You might be asking: “What if I’m a beginner and can’t speak well enough to carry on a conversation?” That is a understandable fear. But the solution is simple: start slow.

Did you know that according to many studies, even short, simple conversations can have a huge impact on language learning? Study participants who engaged in short, 10-minute conversations every day made significantly more progress over three months than those who only learned using traditional methods.

Are you ready to try intensive conversation as your main way of learning a new language? The benefits are clear: higher information density, faster and more efficient processing, authentic contexts, immediate feedback, and proven scientific research supporting its effectiveness.

Engage in conversation and uncover the power of the most effective foreign language learning model. It will be a journey full of challenges, but the results are worth it. It’s time to discard those textbooks and start talking!