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Intermediate B1 OPEN

English language for advanced students

Kedy kurz začína?

from 23.2.2023 from 16:55 - 18:25

Koľko kurz stojí?

149 Euros,32 hours x 45 minutes, including study material, refreshments and certificate

Ako dlho bude kurz trvať?

3 months + 1 month FREE, (valid if min. 8 students in the course) 1 x weekly - 90 minutes - 32 hours.

Úroveň jazyka

Pre-Intermediate A2


Classroom 5

Gabby Language School offers 8 levels of language courses according to the General International Framework of Reference for Languages (GIRF), with approximately 100 topics from everyday life, grammar levels, communication exercises and model situations. Our team of professional language teachers, whether Slovak or foreign, will teach you a foreign language with enthusiasm and commitment, and will also incorporate the cultural features of each language into the teaching: in a lively and dynamic way.