Gabby – Jazyková škola Žilina

State Exam Preparation

Our goals

  • Preparing participants for successfully passing the state language exam in English
  • Acquiring knowledge and skills for the written and oral parts of the language exam
  • Teaching participants to perceive language education as a lifelong process

Course Scope: 150 instructional hours which are divided into 3 parts.

Admission requirements for the course: proficiency in a grammar test at the Upper-Intermediate level (the test can be taken at our office by prior arrangement at 0911/790 793)

The entire program is composed of 3 parts (grammar, conversation, and literature), which are alternated throughout the entire language course:

Grammar Part

  • Present and Imperative, Past, Present Perfect and Past Perfect, Future and Future Perfect, Questions, Modals, Adjectives and Adverbs, Gerunds and Infinitives, Phrasal Verbs, Nouns, Quantifiers, Articles, The Passive, The Conditional, Relative Clauses, Indirect Speech

Conversation Part

  • Theaters, Cinemas, Concerts, Art Galleries, Cultural Relations with Other Countries, Education in English speaking countries and Slovakia, Holidays, Travelling, Means of Transport, Pollution, Environmental Problems, Free Time, Hobbies, The U.S.A (geography, industry, agriculture, institutions), Shopping, Great Britain (geography, industry, agriculture, institutions) Health Service, The System of Government in the U.S.A., Great Britain, Canada, Sports in Slovakia, Great Britain, the U.S.A. The History of Great Britain, Australia, New Zealand, The History of the U.S.A, My Family, Family Life, Human Relations, Postal Services, Letter – writing, Telephoning, Canada, Hotel Services, Restaurants, Tourist Industry, Holidays and other notable days in Great Britain and the U.S.A., Getting a Job, Problems of Unemployment, Food, Nutrition, Eating Habits, Vegetarianism and Other Diets, The Necessity of Studying Foreign Languages, Science and Technology

English Literature

  • Major writers from earliest times set in their historical context (Old and Middle English literature, Elizabethan poetry, prose and drama, Restoration drama and prose, 18th century poetry and prose, 19th century poets and novelists, 20th century novels and drama).


  • Major writers from colonial times set in their historical context (The rise of a national literature, the American renaissance, The Civil War, the era of realism and naturalism, the writers of the Lost Generation, poetry and drama, 20th Century writers).