Gabby – Jazyková škola Žilina


Team of Gabby Language school

PaedDr. Ing. Gabriela Antolíková, MBA

Auditor, Director, Study Advisor,

Gabriela graduated from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Žilina in Žilina, majoring in mechanical engineering technology, and the Faculty of Economics at Matej Bel University in Banská Bystrica, majoring in financial transactions. She attended Cape Cod Community College in the USA, Boston for three years and successfully completed it with a diploma.

During her five-year stay in the UK, she studied English and worked for a logistics company. She has obtained Cambridge certificates FCE, CAE and a state English exam. In 2019, she completed a postgraduate study (MBA) focused on increasing skills and experiences in modern management. This year, she successfully completed a doctorate in pedagogy with a focus on children with special needs such as dyslexia, dysgraphia, ADHD, and autism.

Mgr. Darinka Pavelčíková

Graduated from the Faculty of Education at Matej Bel University in Banská Bystrica, majoring in pedagogy and psychology, and from the Faculty of Humanities and Natural Sciences in Prešov, majoring in social pedagogy with a focus on school psychology.

She studied English for four years at the Faculty of Philosophy in Prešov and for three years at the British University. She holds Cambridge certificates FCE and CAE. Her main activities are study methodology and child psychology. She also provides special sessions with parents, providing expert advice on school pedagogy. This form of consultation is very sought after and preferred by parents. Darinka is an optimistic woman with a big heart.

Mgr. Sylvia Paleničková

English Language Lecturer, French Language Lecturer,

In 1999, she successfully completed the Faculty of Education at Comenius University in Bratislava, combining English and French. She has been devoted to English since childhood. At the language school, she leads specialized courses (Business English, Bank English, Accounting, teaching Slovak to foreigners, and others). She has improved her communication and motivation skills by attending several seminars and trainings.

Mgr. Janka Pučeková

English Language Lecturer,

Janka lived in Sydney, Australia from 1983 to 2006, where she obtained various certificates such as ILLC – Intensive Language Learning Centre, HSC – high school diploma, TAFE, Advanced Certificate in Accounting, TESOL, and others. In 2007, she moved back to Slovakia and works as an English language lecturer. She enjoys her work very much and, as she says, cannot imagine doing any other job 🙂 In her personal life, she is the mother of two children.

Mgr. Zuzana Lagová

English Language Lecturer,

Zuzana has been working as a lecturer for more than 25 years. She completed a study abroad program in the UK and obtained Cambridge certificates FCE and CAE. As a Cambridge English Teacher, she regularly updates additional certificates in online courses. She is currently also studying spoken French in online courses with Larousse and Duolingo, with French lecturers.

Lic. Cynthia Roa Garcia

English Language Lecturer,

Cynthia studied at the law faculty in Mexico and holds all Cambridge certificates, including the TOEFL certificate. In 2013, she successfully completed the Oxford Primary Teacher Training Seminar. She has been teaching languages for over 10 years. She enjoys reading, cooking, and traveling 🙂

Mgr. Katarína Šedíková

Katarína studied English language and literature and psychology at Comenius University in Bratislava. She lived and worked in England and Ireland for two years. She has been working as an English language teacher for companies and individuals for nine years. She was employed as an English teacher at a high school for five years. She teaches general English, business English, and conversation. She leads individual and group courses. She uses well-prepared and interesting materials to enrich the teaching. In addition to teaching, she translates fiction literature.

Mgr. Damián Michalco

English language teacher,

Damián graduated in English language and citizenship education. In addition to English, he is also interested in social sciences and philosophy, so he is also a student of teaching the foundations of social sciences at the Faculty of Philosophy at Masaryk University. He holds a certificate in holistic education in Montessori pedagogy and recently participated in a language stay at TLI English Language Training in Edinburgh. He translates his love of music into movement and music activities to enrich children’s courses. In addition to children’s courses, he also teaches individual and evening courses.

Ladislava Indrová

English language teacher,

Ladka has been dedicated to English since childhood. She attended high school and successfully completed the Cambridge FCE exam. She focuses on individual students, children, and companies. She also completed Montessori training which she actively uses in her work with children in a language school. In her free time, she loves to travel, discover new places, paint, and learn Italian on duolingo. She is very kind, friendly, and students are very satisfied with her teaching.

Bc. Patrícia Rafajdusová

English language teacher,

Patrícia recently studies at the University of Žilina in the department of English Language and Literature and Citizenship Education. In addition, she is a climbing coach on artificial walls, loves sports and, in addition to children, she also loves nature and animals. Currently she is finishing her second degree Mgr in Žilina. During her studies, she worked as a teaching assistant at an elementary school in Prague. She has passed the C1 level English language state exam. She loves children and approaches them with immense patience and love and as she says:

“You have to be born to work with children and it has to make you happy. Otherwise, it does not make sense.”

Bc. Katka Danková

English teacher,

Katka is studying at the University of Žilina for the department of English Language and Literature and Citizenship Education. In addition, she likes to sew and embroider for herself and her loved ones, and enjoys nature and animals. Currently, she is completing her second level of university study for her Master’s degree in Žilina.

During her studies, she has worked as a teaching assistant at various elementary schools. She has passed the C1 level state exam in English. She has a great affection for children, which is why she teaches them both individually and in groups. She has a very positive attitude towards Britain, its people, culture, lifestyle, and language. She teaches children’s and individual courses.

Mary Jane Villame

English language tutor,

Mary Jane is an English language instructor originally from the Philippines, specifically from the island of Bohol. She completed her teaching degree in English Language and Literature in 2015, and since then has been teaching children and individual students. She currently lives in Slovakia with her husband. We are very happy to have Mary Jane in our team.

Mgr. Zuzana Pechancova

Zuzana graduated from the University of Transportation and Communications in Žilina, with a degree in Industrial Engineering. During her studies, she also completed her teaching qualifications. In 2000, she passed the German language general exam at the State Language School in Žilina. In 2008, she completed her advanced studies at Comenius University in Bratislava, in the field of German Language and Literature. She has 24 years of teaching experience. She enjoys reading books, traveling, and hiking.