Gabby – Jazyková škola Žilina


The language courses for children at Gabby language school are divided by age group:

Starter – 3 – 6 years of age
Movers – 7 – 9 years of age
Flyers – 10 – 13 years of age

We use the method of playful learning with children. Since play is natural for children, the educational effect is maximized.

We use Jump In books for teaching younger children and Cambridge books for older children. The Starter course is designed for teaching British English to preschoolers aged 3 to 6 years old and consists of three levels. It is an effective course because it uses engaging stories that children will enjoy. The communicative approach helps students learn through play and also develops their social and emotional skills.

Jump In! provides rich support for simple teaching methods and includes a range of additional resources and tools for creating lesson plans. It also has software for interactive boards that allows the book to be displayed on the screen for heads-up guidance and includes integrated sound, video, and answers.

English for children (3-6 years)

English for children, playful form, effective course, communicative approach, intensive language course, basics of English, various levels

English for children (7-9 years)

English language course is designed for children aged 7 to 9 years old

English for children (10-13 years)

For 10-13 year old kids we offer lower and higher levels. Slovak teacher or Native speaker