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Online English lessons

Gabby ONLINE is a great solution for all people who want to learn English, German, French but can’t travel or for those who don’t want to give up the comfort of their home.

Online teaching is an effective and modern method that can be used in groups or individually.

Try our “Gabby ONLINE” tutorial, where you can learn conversational English via Cambridge method.  


We teach via Skype, Zoom or Google Duo.

Je to moderný spôsob výučby a veľmi pomôže. Preto neváhaj a kontaktuj nás na telefóne 0911665448 alebo

Effective Method

Our lecturers are highly skilled and can direct 100% of your attention to the material covered throughout the lesson, while you progress very quickly and thus save your time and money.

Individual Lessons

You will pay for the paid hours when it suits you and you do not have to adapt to anyone.

Group Lessons

You study with us in the ONLINE group. Teaching usually takes place in small groups of about 5 people. The groups are made up of students with the same language skills. It is suitable for lower and higher levels.

Who can sign up for ONLINE hours?

Everyone who got:

– a mobile phone, a tablet or a laptop with a webcam

–  or computer, webcam, headphones or speakers

– Internet connection


Individual Lessons – Gabby Online

An 8-hour classes must be taught within 12 weeks 15 Eur
An 16-hour classes must be taught within 8 weeks 14 Eur
An 18-hour classes must be taught within 4 weeks 13 Eur
Group course – Gabby Online – 16 hours 69 Eur

The lesson lasts 45 minutes. If a student cancels the agreed date for the individual course the day before, the lesson will not be forfeited, he / she will agree with the lecturer on an alternative date.