Gabby – Jazyková škola Žilina


Gabby language school offers 8 levels of language courses based on the general international language framework. Each level consists of approximately 100 thematic communication units covering various aspects of everyday life, as well as grammar and communication exercises.

Our experienced language teachers, both Slovak and foreign, are dedicated to teaching you a foreign language in a dynamic and engaging way, incorporating cultural elements of the language into the lessons.

Elementary A1 OPEN

English for advanced beginners

Intermediate B1 OPEN

English language for advanced students

Upper-Interm B2 OPEN

English for advanced intermediate students

German language STARTERS

German language for beginners

High School Graduates

English course for high school graduates

Russian language for beginners

Russian course for beginners

Spanish language STARTER OPEN

Spanish language for beginners

Itlalian language STARTER OPEN

Italian language for beginners

French language STARTER OPEN

French language for beginners

Business English OPEN

Business English not only for managers