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Zahraniční lektori

Foreign tutors for children is not always the best option

It is a common belief that native speakers are better at teaching a foreign language to children than non-native teachers with extensive experience. However, educational research suggests that this is not necessarily true. It is understandable that this belief exists, as we all learned our mother tongue from a native speaker – usually our mother.

However, when it comes to very young children who do not speak a word of a foreign language, it may be more beneficial for them to have a tutor who speaks both languages. Studies have shown that a tutor who is able to explain the material in a language that the child understands can significantly reduce their stress and improve their results. This is especially important for children who may feel lost and frustrated in a class where they do not understand what is going on.

It is important for language schools to have tests in place to determine which teacher is the best fit for a child. This will help ensure that they are able to make the most progress possible and enjoy learning a new language.

Peter Sagan angličtina

Even Peter Sagan learned English

Many cycling fans may remember the early interviews of Peter Sagan, which often elicited a smile from viewers. However, it cannot be denied that over time, Peter significantly improved his English skills. One of his first English teachers was Silvia Zánická, who also worked at for a while. Peter’s journey serves as an inspiration that anyone can learn a foreign language with the right attitude and desire.

In today’s world, it is becoming increasingly necessary to learn English as it improves memory and expands the mind. It is a global language used in various fields such as economics, politics, sports, and the environment. Even the renowned athlete and cyclist Peter Sagan, who hails from Žilina and has been cycling since his childhood, understands this.

Though he initially pursued football, Peter switched to cycling after a week and achieved his first success at a local race in Žilina Forest Park, organized by the Žilina Cycling Association. He initially focused on mountain biking, but also remained dedicated to road cycling. He trained at the cycling association in Žilina under coaches Milan Novosad and Peter Zánický, the latter of whom is married to Silvia. She began working with Peter to improve his English, knowing that without proficiency in a foreign language, he would not be able to advance in his career.

A comparison of Peter’s English skills then and now shows a significant improvement. Silvia did an excellent job and we are proud to have such a skilled teacher on our team at Gabby. Peter has clearly worked hard on improving his English and now uses simple, amusing phrases. We wish him many more successful years in both his personal and professional life.